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Make your stay in Greece the best experience of your life

When God was in his best mood, he etched Greece on earth. And with time, God’s children enhanced his creation and have made it the most gorgeous place to live in. Unfortunately, not everyone gets to live there, which is why, people from all over the world visit Greece, at least once in their lifetime. They rent a house in Greece and make their stay worthwhile, as much as they can.

Greece is known not only for its beautiful landscapes, it also is home to the Parthenon Temple of the Athens Acropolis. Greece is a renowned destination for both summer and winter vacationing. It boasts of extraordinary landscapes and its historical sights are a treat to the eyes. The place is replete with natural beauty, infused with history and myths that make it an interesting place to visit. Currently, Greece is living on its ancient history with a twist of modernity, while still keeping its antiquity undaunted.

One would not question as to why anyone would want to visit Greece, for the beauty of the place is so mystical and overwhelming that the need to raise a question is futile. Even if you would still want to be told, we shall gladly give you the best reasons to visit Greece. There are many things to see and do in the islands and the mainland of Greece; we have picked the very best for you. Read ahead and know the best things the country has in store for you.

Here is a list of places to visit and the things to do when in Greece:

  • Parthenon Temple

It is obvious that we are mentioning this historical site first, for it deserves all the credit and tops the list for the best reasons. Although the site is considered a ruin, the temple is still standing and not damaged to the core. It is the most important landmark in Greece. Situated on top of a hill and overlooking the city of Athens, the Parthenon was built in the 5th century BC and was dedicated to goddess Athena. This unique structure is completely made of Pentelic marble, giving it its remarkable beauty.

  • Caldera of Santorini

The Caldera of Santorini is a natural wonder and is among the famous Greek landmarks. The Caldera is originally a part of a submerged volcano, which was created by an explosion, around 3500 years ago. The Caldera is famous for its white villages that are constructed along the caldera cliffs. Villages like Fire, Oia and Imerovigli are among the best spots to visit. The view of the red cliffs of the Caldera is better adored from these villages.

  • Myrtos beach, Kefalonia

Kefalonia Island is among the best landmarks and most visited one is all of Greece. The beach attracts many tourists every summer and winter. The place is known for its scenic beauty and exotic surrounding. The colour of the water is breath-taking and leaves a mark on the people visiting.

  • Navagio Beach, Zante

The Navagio beach is also known as the Shipwreck beach, named after a smuggler shipwrecked on its shore in the year of 1983. It is one of the most enchanting beaches in the world. The white sand and the contrasting hills along the blue sea make this place the best for photography and leisure. There are ports on this island and can be accessed by boat. The ports are at Zakynthos Town, Alykes, Porto Vromi and Schinari.

  • Epidaurus Ancient Theatre

The Epidaurus Theatre is located right next to the ancient sanctuary of god Asklepius. Religious activities and festivals, along with theatre performances used to be held here to honour the Greek gods. Even today, this theatre has thousands of visitors, flocking around and studying the place.

  • Meteora Monasteries

The Meteora Monasteries were built by the monks from the late 13 to the 14th century. The place is considered an important place of spirituality and is adorned with thousands of pilgrims and tourists from around the world. This monastic community is built on top of an enormous rock formation, giving it a gorgeous view from the town and from the top.

  • Sanctuary of Delphi

Delphi is set in a gorgeous green surrounding and was the cultural and religious center of ancient Greece. This famous ancient landmark looks over valleys and mountains. The prominent constructions of the Delphi Sanctuary are the theatre of Apollo, which was used as an oracle, the sanctuary of Athena Pronea and the ancient theatre. The spring season is the best time to visit this place if you wish to admire its natural beauty.

  • Cycladic Windmills

Set upon the island of Cyclades, the traditional windmills of the place is the trademark that gives the island its identity. The windmills adorn the beautiful hills of the island, overlooking the turquoise blue sea. The whitewashed cyclical buildings were earlier used as a mill for wheat. Among the famous windmills on the island are the windmills in Mykonos, which are gorgeous to look at.

Well, to sum it up, these few places were handpicked just to give you an insight of the country. Greece is a place of beauty that has been undaunted for thousands of years. Until and unless you make a trip down there, the charm of the place will be just words. That is why, you need to chalk your calendar, pack your bags and go to Greece as soon as possible. The elegance of the place is waiting for us to go there and live it once and, over again.

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